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Handstops and Stoplogs

These are used in open channels, and are normally supplied without seals, but for special applications, Neoprene angle-type seals can be fitted to minimise leakage. Handstops are usually fabricated from aluminium, but can also be made in steel if required.

For deep channels, the gate can be made in sections, known as stoplogs, which are raised and lowered by means of loose lifting rods.

Maximum width for handstops is about 1000mm, and all but very small sizes should be raised under balanced conditions.

Dimensions of the recesses which should be left in the channel sides and floor for installation of handstops and stoplogs, both sealing and non-sealing, are given below, but note that with our aluminium frame extrusion, wall mounting, as an alternative to slot fixing, is also possible, as is the case with fabricated steel frames if required.

Handstops and Stoplogs