Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment (Pty) Ltd. - Your best choice for penstocks, sluice gates, valves, and other fluid control equipment. Section 51 - PAIA Manual
Manufacturers of penstocks, sluicegates, valves, ond other fluid control equipment.

Manufacturer's of FULTON penstocks and sluice gates.

Manufacturers of penstocks, sluicegates, valves, ond other fluid control equipment.
Company Profile

Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1988 to market sluice gate valves (Penstocks) and other fluid control equipment, and in 1990 we acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights for the well-known FULTON range of sluice gates, which were first manufactured in 1965, and of which we are now the sole suppliers.

Strict Quality Assurance and Control in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (Certificate Registration No. - 01 100 000685/2) is practiced during manufacture,and robustness of design and high manufacturing standards are not compromised for the sake of cost reduction, resulting in a range of products of exceptional quality.

Standard Products
Sluice Gates (Penstocks) Up to 2000 wide x 2000 high * ISO 9001 - Registration No. 01 100 000685/2
Channel Gates Up to   800 wide x 3000 high *
            1200 wide x 2000 high *
        or 2000 wide x 1500 high *
Weir gates (downward-opening) Up to 2000 wide x 1200 high *
Weir gates (tilting) Up to 5000 wide x   500 high *
Twistlock gates 100 to 300 dia.
Handstops and stoplogs Custom made to requirements
Flap gates 75 to 250 dia. (Cast iron)
  As required    (Fabricated)
Telescopic bellmouths Up to 500 dia. *
Sludge drain valves 100 to 300 dia. *
Hand flushing valves 75 to 300 dia.
Ground water relief valves 110 dia.
Operating gear for gates and valves
  * Larger sizes can be made if required.

Non-standard products

Gates for special applications (roller, slide, radial, etc.)
Revolving screens
Bar screens
Weir plates (plain or notched)
Scum boards and brackets
Clarifier bridges
Pipework and specials
Cat ladders
General fabrication work in mild and stainless steel


1. The above lists give an indication of our normal range of products, and are not necessarily complete. We welcome enquiries for items not mentioned here.
2. The range may be reduced or added to from time to time.
3. We reserve the right to alter specifications, data and dimensions given in this website at any time, as our policy is one of continual product improvement.
4. No liability is accepted for any errors or omissions.sluice gate sluice gate sluice gate

Factory in Labore, Brakpan - 44kb Tel. +2711 738-1423/4
Fax. +2711 738-3204
Cnr. Joule and Newton Sts.
South Africa
P.O. Box 18122
Sunward Park
South Africa
Factory and offices in Laboré.