Operating Gear

Feature Option Application
Spindle Rising General use
  Non-rising Tee-key operation
    Restricted headroom
Mounting Pedestal on platform General use
  Pedestal on wall Where there is no
    support bracket   overhead platform
  Headframe bridge Sluice gates where wall is too low
    Channel gates
Manual Handwheel Light to medium duty
  Bevel gearbox Medium to heavy duty
  Bevel/spur gearbox Heavy duty
  Tee-key Non-rising spindle
    Preventing unauthorised use
  Lifting handles Handstops and stoplogs
    and / or rods Twistlock gates
Power Electric actuator Heavy duty
  Hydraulic actuator*    and/or
  Pneumatic actuator* Push-button / Remote control
  *Rising spindle only  

Various types of operating gear.

Various types of operating gear as shown above :
(a) Pedestal on wall support bracket
(b) Bevel gearbox on pedestal
(c) Hydraulic or pneumatic actuator
(d) Electric actuator on pedestal
(e) Platform mounted pedestal with handwheel
(f) Tee-key on support bracket