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Twistlock Gates

Twistlock gates are used in the same applications as small wall-mounted sluice gates, where hand operation is acceptable. They can be locked in any partially open position by twisting the handle, which brings a cam into play, forcing the gate against its frame. This same action seals the gate in its closed position.

Twistlocks are suitable for balanced heads up to 3m seating or 2m unseating, but it must be borne in mind that operating effort increases with size and pressure.

Usually of cast iron construction with bronze seating faces, they can also be cast in stainless steel, or fabricated from stainless, corrosion-resistant or mild steel.

Dimensions of the cast range are given below:

Twistlock Gates

Bore A B C
100 305 390 82
150 305 390 82
200 381 480 102
225 432 540 102
300 570 655 145